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Project Description

 Haifa opens to the see – an annual architecture conference

The international conference was held in May 2014, with participation of about 500 guests from Israel and the world.

The city of Haifa, like many leading port-cities worldwide, is joining the new trend, and opens itself to the sea. By doing so, Haifa is putting itself in the front row, along with central and innovative cities around the world, dealing with evolutionary processes of progress, as well as technological and industrial advancement.

The meeting of nature, objective conditions and architecture, creates fascinating challenges, in the world in general and the Mediterranean Basin in particular, which can redesign the city's character.

The International Haifa Conference for Architectures discusses the ways in which opening the city to the sea will help in many different aspects: tourism, economy, demography, real-estate, culture, etc.

The conference constitutes a part of an international activity, participated by architects, interior designers and businessmen from Israel and the world.
The goal is to make the conference an annual event, which will enable tracking changes, plans, and the meeting of objectives set during the event each year.


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