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Project Description

 The Israeli Academy Days

The International Academy of Television is a world-wide organization, bringing together about 800 of the industry leaders in the fields of production, creation and management from both east and west.


Once every two years the organization holds a 3-4 days' event, called The Academy Days.


In 2014 the Dori Media company was select to hold and to host the Academy Days in Jerusalem.

Among the topics in the focus of the event: original thought, innovation and creativity of the Israeli society that brought achievements in science and technology, as well as advancement of culture, art and television content. Also discussed was the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the mirror of the media.

The conference was attended by high ranking officials from international television companies and leaders of the world industry, such as: HBO, Microsoft, Disney, Globo, Warner Bros., Sony, and media giants from many countries all over the world.

Additionally, the conference was attended by leaders of the industry in Israel, businessmen, representatives of the Israeli Hi-Tech industry, politicians, and senior scientists.


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