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Project Description

 200 Years of Verdi

This event was held on Tu B'Av in Raanana Park Amphitheater, marking the 200 years' celebration for Giuseppe Fortunino Verdi, the Italian composer, thought to be one of the greatest Opera composers of all times. The event included an opera concert by Symphonette Raanana together with soloists from the Israeli Opera House, during which Verdi's works were performed.

The purpose of the event was to celebrate and glorify the combination of music, love and wine, and to allow the audience to enjoy a complete, special and romantic experience, commemorating Verdi's works. The event was directed towards a medium-high socio-economic audience, and had a festive and romantic ambience. As part of the event, and as part of the 30 years' celebration of Golan Heights Winery, the audience also took part in complementary wine tastings.

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