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"Only true professionalism will make your special event unforgettable."

Benny Moran

During 1985-1990 Benny managed the programs and cultural events for Tel Aviv Museum. During these years the museum significantly expanded its repertoire.

From 1990 to this day Benny acts as the CEO and owner of Benny Moran Programs Development and Management Ltd., specializing in the production and creation of national and international conferences, cultural events, and business events.

In the year 2000 Benny founded the Appleseeds Academy, an association that specializes in operating educational technological programs, aimed at reducing the digital and cultural gap, alongside the development of human capital. To this day, Benny is a member of the association's board.

Since 2005, Benny is a member in the Open Space association for treating autistic children, a place that works the empowerment and advancement of children and adults via interactions with animals.

Benny believes in personal customization of the work to his clients' needs, while emphasizing creativity and professional accompaniment from the beginning to the end of the idea, in terms of both content and production.

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